Explore Vietnamese Stunning Beauties LikeNinh Binh Stone Tomb

Located between the South China Sea and Cambodia and Laos borders, Vietnam is home to delicious cuisine, historical wonders like veteran (lang mo da ninh binh), warm-hearted people and stunning beaches. Here are some places you must check out if you have Vietnam on your post-COVID-19 travel bucket list.

Lang mo da Ninh Binh
Or known as the Ning Binh stone tomb in English, archaeologists recently unearthed ancient brick tombs in a local school in the province of Ninh Binh. The school name is Gua Thuy. Earlier in the year, the workers came upon the brick construction when they were carrying out some construction work.The tombs are rectangular and are 7.4m long and 2.15m wide. Several objects were buried in the tomb, like bronze objects, clay plates, ceramic ware etc.This recent discovery is attracting attention from across the globe and has put Ninh Binh on the Vietnam Tourism map.
This city enjoys cool weather throughout the year. It has dewy valleys and pine trees and flowers blooming in different shades. These features made it a favourite amongst the native Vietnamese rulers and the French colonials. It contains the remnants of French colonial years and breath-taking landscapes. If one wants to sample the local produce, then the lively market is the place you must hit.
My Son
Nestled in the central coast, near the DuyPhu village, My Son is counted amongst one of the most important and valuable South East Asia’s historical and heritage sites. Rulers belonging to the Champa dynasty worshipped Shiva between fourth and fourteenth centuries and My Son was the centre of worship. One can see more than seventy temples dedicated to Shiva with carvings depicting animals, priests and gods. It also contains inscriptions in Sanskrit and Champa.
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