Learn 7 steps to be an SEO Expert

It is always just right to follow the most popular trends on internet. This is the simplest method to become visible to sea full of people online. And to become trending on the most wanted search engine called google, all you need to be is SEO Expert. Yes, an expert that guides the communal SEO writers on how to grow and use their ability to bring recognition to client’s site.

So, this article is for all the writers who wants to join and become an expert in SEO.
1. First of all, know the basic of the SEO content writing. To be an expert in a field you need start from ground zero.
2. Understand how to find most searched keywords related to the client’s topic.
3. Try to build your own website with a specific niche. Every website needs a SEO content, thus try to direct more traffic to your website organically.
4. Learn the key to sell the content via content optimization. To learn optimization of content, there is a secondary keyword known as LSI or latent stimulating index. Learn how to find it to get a step ahead.
5. Learn the difference and use of on-page and off-page SEO. All seo expert need to understand on how to use them strategically to uplift a post.
6. An off- page optimization of SEO will include back linking or link building. This means an expert should be familiar with HTML. The linking is necessary to take the customer to the related site or product. It does not optimize the content but can increase the traffic on a site.
7. SEO content writing is more than just blog posts and articles, it requires the videos and pictures to give a better understand of the topic.
This is a time consuming process but with hard-work and patience, expertise can be achieved.