The way immigrants adjust to life in Canada

With migrate to canada from dubai, you will learn that Canada goes to great length in helping immigrants to be able to assimilate well through giving them some orientation programs, social services, skill training, and their pathway to citizenship.
In the recent years, about 70% of the federal agency for immigration’s budget has been channeled towards programs for settlement. It is a support level that has helped in making Canada be one of the most sort for destinations for immigrants, with most of them being satisfied and naturalized.

In Canada society, some immigrants have turned out to be important people in the society, including being in the prime minister’s cabinet. Still, some immigrants have continued to lag as compared to the Canadians who are native-born on particular economic indicators, although with generations and over time, the disparities have diminished.
Some immigrants struggle to get any decent employment that matches their qualifications and skills. As an immigrant, one has to work extra hard to get their footing in the economy of Canada, especially if you are an immigrant who lacks the linguistic ability.
How the coronavirus has affected immigration
With the Covid19 disease, just like many other governments across the world, the Canadian government has imposed immigration and travel restrictions. In March 2020, the Canadian government blocked foreign travels that were considered non-essential, including the Canada-US border.
It made most of the asylum arriving from the USA to be blocked from entering Canada, which raised questions among advocates. The refugee settlement scheme was suspended, and processing of permanent residency and work permits application. Ottawa allowed international students to take virtual studies and still stay in Canada even when the USA sort to start deporting international students that were taking online classes.